Maalik Releasing on 8th April

Maalik Releasing on 8th April

Saturday, 23 July 2016


Cast : Noor Bukhari, Wali Hamid Ali Khan, Saud, Saim Ali, Faria Bukhari, Durdana Butt, Sonu Sood (Special Appearance)
Director : Noor Bukhari
Release Date : 22nd July, 2016

Story : The story revolves around Rajjo (Noor Bukhari) who runs away from her wedding because she did not want to marry Chaudhry Bashir (Saud). Then she met Wali (Wali Hamid Ali Khan) who was engaged to Saud's sister. Wali convinced Rajjo to go back to Saud so that he can marry his sister. Then they both came back and the wedding preparations started. After sometime, they realized that they love each other.

Music : The soundtrack of the film has been composed by Kamran Akhtar, Wali Hamid Ali Khan and Saji Ali. Overall, the music is good but songs are not picturised very well. The expressions in the videos are not up to the mark.

Script : Though the writer Suraj Baba is a veteran writer but this film has a weak script. Most of the dialogues are childish. The funny dialogues in the film are not so funny but in the second half, there are a few good emotional dialogues. Screenplay is very weak.

Cinematography : Visually, this movie is very beautiful because the camera work is done very beautifully.

Acting : In the acting field, none of the actors did an overwhelming job because the script was very weak.

Direction : Ishq Positive is the directorial debut of Noor Bukhari. After this film, she should not direct any other film because she failed on the director's seat.

FINAL VERDICT : Ishq Positive is a decent watch to due to its music and the visual appearance. First half is very childish and it seems that the making was not taken seriously. The second half is better due to the love triangle and some emotional twists and turns. Overall, Ishq Positive is an average movie. It will be difficult for this film to earn good at the Boxoffice due to its weak promotions and a decent content.

RATING : 2.5/5